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Language studies in New Zealand : Gap Year

This country is a magnet for study abroad students in search of a little adventure. Gap year English immersion programs in New Zealand will expose you to some of the world’s most gorgeous nature, a nation of people known for being friendly and funny, plus a lifestyle you can’t help but fall in love with!

Experience Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, with its vibrant harbour and not far from the Hobbiton movie set! On the coast of Pegasus Bay on the South Island sits Christchurch, with its gondola giving you amazing city views. In Queenstown, try a language course and a part-time job at one of the nearby ski resorts, or just enjoy Lake Wakatipu – you’ll remember your gap year language course in New Zealand forever!

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Gap years in New Zealand

What do the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Avatar, The Last Samurai, and King Kong movies all have in common? Well, they’re all filmed in the mythical land of New Zealand! With its splendid green peaks, rushing clear streams, towering glaciers, and lush rainforests – it’s not hard to see how this gorgeous country inspired so many filmmakers.

During a gap year in New Zealand, you’ll be the main character of your own feature-length language adventure! Starring: Breathtaking Nature Walks, Unforgettable Road Trips, New Friends, and Lifelong Memories.


Cost of living for your gap year in New Zealand

Despite its reputation of being expensive, it can be somewhat affordable to take a gap year in New Zealand, as long as you’re careful with your spending and plan your trip wisely. A student staying in one of New Zealand’s major cities can expect to pay between NZ$3,000-NZ$4,000 per month for all expenses.


What makes New Zealand special for a gap year

New Zealand’s nature is as famous as it is diverse – with vast tropical beaches bordering luscious rainforests, overlooked by snow-capped mountains. This striking contrast is not only an incredible sight – it also provides habitats for a wide range of life for you to spot, including whales, dolphins, falcons, and the country’s national bird: The kiwi!

It’s common for major cities to be far away from a country’s natural beauty, but in New Zealand, it’s right on your doorstep! Wellington features rolling hills and seal colonies in its borders, while Auckland has nearby jungles, volcanoes, and a harbour filled with whales and dolphins.


Cultural life in New Zealand

With its huge native Maori population combined with hundreds of years of migration from across the world – New Zealand has a fascinating and deeply layered culture. In each city, you’ll find a diverse mix of cuisine, festivals and neighbourhoods to dive into!

During your gap year in New Zealand, you’ll find that people are polite, open-minded, and accepting of foreign visitors. If you take a keen interest in their customs and culture, they’ll be sure to reward you by showing it to you!


The weather in New Zealand

New Zealand goes through all four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter), but due to its position in the Southern Hemisphere, these seasons occur in the opposite months than what you may be used to in Europe.

The weather throughout the country tends to be mild, with a moderately high amount of rainfall, balanced out by plenty of hours of sunshine. Across the year, the temperature tends to range between 12 - 25 degrees celsius in most of the country.

Frequently asked questions about taking a a Gap Year in New Zealand

What can I do in New Zealand during a gap year?

During your gap year in New Zealand, you can ski, surf, and shop – all in one day! The incredible landscapes near its cities offer plenty of opportunities to spend time doing outdoor activities, ranging from the conventional (surfing, skiing, paddle boarding, and hiking) to the unconventional (whale watching, volcano climbing, and sand boarding).

New Zealand also has a strong affinity towards sports, with rugby being the star of the show. Wherever you are in the country, make sure to catch a rugby game in one of the many venues across the country. If you’re lucky, you may even see a ceremonial Maori Haka before the game starts!

Can I work during my gap year in New Zealand?

Working during your gap year in New Zealand largely depends on which visa you decide to pursue. On a student visa, you will not be able to work on your programme. However, if you choose a working holiday visa, you can work for three months with a single employer.

Do I need a visa to take a Gap Year in New Zealand?

You will need to apply for either a Student Visa or Working Holiday Visa for your gap year in New Zealand – ESL will help you acquire either of these visas.