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With ESL’s Best Price Guarantee and additional discounts for longer stays, these courses offer exceptional value and a chance to fully immerse yourself in another way of life.  Options include official language certificates, work and study, internships, volunteering programmes, and access courses for higher education, or you can simply enjoy an extended course. This is the fastest route to fluency.

Gap Year benefits

  • After giving your career an immediate boost, the soft skills and cultural awareness that come with a longer stay abroad will last a lifetime. Employers and universities value the language and personal skills that come with spending time abroad, but perhaps the most important gains you will make are the personal ones as you learn to see life from a new perspective.

  • Whether you want to gain a particular language qualification or to extend your stay and use language skills in action, for example in a working environment, your Gap Year programme will be designed according to your personal requirements. Let us know what matters to you and we can make it happen, together. You will never have a better opportunity to become fluent in a foreign language. 

ESL quality

ESL is one of the world’s leading study abroad providers. Each year, we help thousands of people like you to find the perfect destination(s) and course for a gap year abroad.
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Free flights and free goodies
  • Special offers on long-term language stays
  • Exceptional choice of destinations and renowned schools
  • Free enrolment & administration
  • Free exam cancellation insurance or “second chance” guarantee
  • Award-winning personalised service 
No two individuals are the same and our goal is to help you find the right programme for your personal priorities. Get in touch with our team to arrange a free, no-obligation appointment. 

Lowest prices guaranteed

ESL guarantees you the most attractive prices on the market! If you find any price difference, you will be entirely refunded.


  1. Star Agency Europe

    ESL – Language studies abroad won Star Agency Western Europe for the fourth time at the 2015 ST Star Awards. 


    If you find our programmes cheaper with another language travel agency, you will be refunded 100% of the price difference.


    We offer you free and personal advice before, during and after your language course abroad.


    In 2014, 97% of our students would recommend ESL – Language studies abroad to their friends and relatives. 


    ESL – Language studies abroad is accredited by quality control bodies in the tourism and education industries.  


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I’m Rocío and I travelled to Liverpool this July. At first, I started by looking for information about the different agencies, asking for quotes, reading about the different cities, etc. Then, after a lot of research, I chose ESL – a great choice, for sure! As soon as I can, I will repeat the experience, but I want to stay longer next time, as I was only there for 2 weeks, which passed really quickly.

At the beginning, everything is new: the family, the city… and you wonder how it’s going to go. However, as days go by, you start meeting people and even make a group of friends.

I’m really glad I had an experience like this one. I’d like to thank ESL, the family and the school for making it so easy and for being so kind. I recommend this experience to all the brave ones out there who want to see something different, discover new places and learn at the same time.

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I definitely made the right choice when I decided to study at Wimbledon School of English for a month. ESL gave me all the information I needed to in order to organise a tailor-made programme. In my case, my goal was to get the CAE certificate and attend 4 weeks of intensive course before sitting the test.

The teachers and the rest of the staff at the school were always ready to help out if you have questions of any kind. The level and the pace of the classes were high, but the teaching was dynamic, which made them more enjoyable. Besides the courses, the school offered a large variety of cultural and social activities, creating a very good atmosphere. It was a very enriching experience and was absolutely worth it.

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I couldn’t be more grateful to ESL for treating me so well. They provided a fast and efficient service, managing to adapt the programme to my personal needs in a record time… 3 weeks after contacting them, I was traveling to Boston. It was the best choice ever! Boston has a great student atmosphere, as two of its universities – Harvard and MIT – are amongst the most prestigious in the world. It’s easy to move around the city, which has one of the oldest downtowns in the US. I lived on campus, where there were tons of activities every day to help students know each other. I felt at home from the very fist day; everyone was really friendly and made you feel like you belonged. I made great friends from different countries, which really enriched my stay. Good memories!

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