• Life in a new language Gap Year

    Life in a new language

    With ESL’s Best Price Guarantee and additional discounts for longer stays, these courses offer exceptional value and a chance to fully immerse yourself in another way of life.  Options include official language certificates, work and study, internships, volunteering programmes, and access courses for higher education, or you can simply enjoy an extended course. This is the fastest route to fluency.

    Gap Year benefits

    • After giving your career an immediate boost, the soft skills and cultural awareness that come with a longer stay abroad will last a lifetime. Employers and universities value the language and personal skills that come with spending time abroad, but perhaps the most important gains you will make are the personal ones as you learn to see life from a new perspective.

    • Whether you want to gain a particular language qualification or to extend your stay and use language skills in action, for example in a working environment, your Gap Year programme will be designed according to your personal requirements. Let us know what matters to you and we can make it happen, together. You will never have a better opportunity to become fluent in a foreign language. 

    ESL quality

    ESL is one of the world’s leading study abroad providers. Each year, we help thousands of people like you to find the perfect destination(s) and course for a gap year abroad.
    • Best Price Guarantee
    • Free flights and free goodies
    • Special offers on long-term language stays
    • Exceptional choice of destinations and renowned schools
    • Free enrolment & administration
    • Free exam cancellation insurance or “second chance” guarantee
    • Award-winning personalised service 
    No two individuals are the same and our goal is to help you find the right programme for your personal priorities. Get in touch with our team to arrange a free, no-obligation appointment. 

    Lowest prices guaranteed

    ESL guarantees you the most attractive prices on the market! If you find any price difference, you will be entirely refunded.


    1. Star Agency Europe

      ESL – Language studies abroad won Star Agency Western Europe for the fifth time at the 2016 ST Star Awards. 


      If you find our programmes cheaper with another language travel agency, you will be refunded 100% of the price difference.


      We offer you free and personal advice before, during and after your language course abroad.


      In 2016, 97% of our students would recommend ESL – Language studies abroad to their friends and relatives. 


      ESL – Language studies abroad is accredited by quality control bodies in the tourism and education industries.  


    Test your language level in a few minutes.


    I stayed in Fukuoka, Japan, for 1 month.
    My trip was good. The school staff welcomed me very well and teachers were helpful and very patient in teaching the language.

    My class included 5 students, which is much better for learning.
    My host family was great and I am still in touch with them. They made me discover the real Japanese cuisine.
    There are many places to visit and it is impossible to get bored. Japanese people are extremely warm and helpful; in 3 different occasions, I struggled to find an address and, each time, someone took me the place I was looking for.
    It was an enriching trip; I would love to go back to Japan.

    Thank you ESL and Sophie for turning this trip into a success!

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    Josep Femenía Fornés

    In Spain, I read and write in English but I rarely speak in English so I wanted to improve my speaking and listening as much as possible in my 4 weeks in Newcastle. I was recommended this city by my English teacher in Valencia and I like it here. I’m very happy with my teacher and classes at International House Newcastle and I have learned a lot. I study 25 hours a week but, to be honest, I would like to study even more! The school is great and everyone is friendly – I feel very welcome. The city has lots of interesting places to visit too. I love the buildings, cathedrals, museums and, of course, the bridges! I visited Edinburgh with the school’s social programme too – it was beautiful but freezing! I hope to come back to Newcastle next summer with my family.

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    Lucie Jolivot

    As expected, Seoul is incredible and the school was great at all levels. I was very lucky with my host family; they were always helpful and lovely, and they really wanted me to like their amazing country. Immersing in a new country is very important if you want to learn a language, but it’s also a way to discover a new culture. The school was excellent and made us jump into Korean straight away, so we were forced to use the language. People were well distributed among different levels and teachers were very motivated, dynamic and nice. What more can you ask? The staff was always very helpful and available 24h via kakaotalk. It’s also possible to move from one level to another with a test, when this is needed. There is no competition among the students; we are all friends and we all make progress together while living like Koroeans and being considered so for the time of the language stay. I would recommend this school with no hesitation; I am very satisfied.

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