Junior Italian courses in Italy

Italy offers everything, from paintings, pizza, polenta, poets, pasta, panetone, pannini, palaces, parmigginao, Piaggio and pomodoro, to mention but a small part of the peninsula's heritage Let's give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Three millennia of history and culture on the international forefront give Italy an aura which extends itself as far as the most remote corners of the world. Effectively, in spite of a large scale diaspora, the Italian identity remains unwavering and is distinguished by this mix of elegance, taste and passion which has something to captivate almost everyone. 

Visiting Italy, it's above all for pleasure. The country has an abundance of riches, including Roman ruins, Renaissance marvels, medieval villages, magnificent churches and idyllic scenery, as much as the seaside and the mountains, Most basic delights such as cooking, wine and the dolce vita come together to brighten up your stay in Italy and to give your body and mind the pleasure that you experience whilst speaking Italian.

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