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Summer Camps

Kids and teens of today will soon join a globalized world, so why not start showing them how fun it can be through a truly international experience?

ESL summer camps: language programs for children and teenagers

Every summer, young learners face a decision: Will they study in preparation for school, or will they go on a holiday and enjoy their freedom? Through our summer language courses, they can do both!

During a summer camp with ESL, students will travel to one of our gorgeous locations to learn a language of their choice in a safe and stimulating environment, full of other young learners from around the world.

Students will spend their mornings learning their language through immersive daily lessons and their afternoons and weekends making friends, playing sports, and exploring their surroundings on fun, supervised excursions. 

This is your chance to turn your language course into a language holiday!

Key information

Course duration:
1+ week
Minimum age:
Class size:
Average 12–15
Entry level:
Beginner - Advanced

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Why should young language learners choose an ESL summer camp?

A big part of growing up is feeling the urge to break off on your own, gain some independence and make your mark on the world.

Our summer language courses are designed to give young learners their first taste of independence in a safe environment, under the supervision of qualified and experienced staff.

Going on an ESL summer camp means embracing adventure and exploration, and through our many games and activities, students will never be bored throughout their trip. On weekends, students will go on excursions to see the very best that their host country has to offer – perfect for young learners with a keen sense of curiosity and wanderlust.

Lessons will be held in a calm, friendly environment with state-of-the-art learning facilities and experienced native-speaking teachers.

Young learners are like sponges, soaking up language skills from their environment and retaining it, especially when it’s part of their own experience. For this reason, our camps place students in full immersion from the moment they arrive. Through organising lively lessons, meetings with locals and teaching them about local culture – students will be enveloped by their target language in a way that traditional classrooms can’t replicate.

 Both children and teenagers on a summer language course will come home with new memories, friends and language skills that will give them self-confidence and boost their performance at school.

Why you should choose ESL for your child’s language program

Choosing to send your child on a language program can be a daunting prospect – that’s why it helps to have a friendly face guiding you through the process. This is where ESL comes in! When you enrol on a summer camp, we’ll provide the following services: 

  • Expert advice from our experienced staff, who will guide you to find the right language program for your child
  • A wide range of accommodation options such as host families or fully supervised student residences
  • Guidance, support and advice on your travel arrangements 
  • Recommendations on our special offers and discounts to get the most out of your budget
  • Continued assistance and support before, during and after your program
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Want to know more? Get in touch and let us fill you in! Alternatively, you can also find more information on our free brochure.

Frequently asked questions about courses for young learners abroad

When do ESL summer camps start?

Our language camps are designed for students to make the most of their time in between school terms. As such, our most popular time is between July and August – summer! This is when we have the widest variety of camps available, from prestigious historical buildings to state-of-the-art modern facilities. For students looking for programs outside of summer, we also have camps available in Spring and Autumn, so you can continue your adventure all year round!

In what languages are ESL summer camps taught?

Students have the option to take their language holiday in several different languages across a range of countries and cities. Our most popular languages to study are English, French, Spanish and German – we also offer courses in Italian, Dutch and Korean to cater to many different student interests.

When should I start planning a language holiday?

We believe that it’s never too early to start planning an adventure, that’s why we encourage students to start booking their language course as soon as possible because summer camps have limited capacity and can quickly get full. For the most forward-thinking planners: we offer discounts to save on your programme when you book in advance or when booking for multiple students at the same time.

What kind of activities are available for children and teenagers on a language program?

Our activities are how we cater our language programs for both children and teenagers! Each of our locations is a treasure trove of unique and fun activities. Students can sail riverboats in Cambridge, learn Flamenco in Málaga, discover history and culture in Paris and many more exciting activities in any of our destinations. Aside from the local cultural activities, students can socialise and play games and sports no matter which destination they choose, as each of our camps organise their own social programs for students to enjoy.

Do you have further questions about studying abroad with ESL?

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