Junior English courses in Australia

Australia...the "Unknown Land" which intrigued the valiant explorers so much, has lost nothing of its interest. Did you know that this country of beaches and waves, of forests and deserts, is the largest island in the world?

A champion of contrasts, our "neighbour from Down Under" has many surprises in store for which it is known. It is unquestionably fun, always up for a day of surfing. It is also very natural, between lush forests and barren soils, from Ayers Rock to the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia, the marvels come one after the other and are never the same. But Australia also likes its cities. There's nothing like going to Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne for a bit of shopping and modernity. Between its large metropoles and ancestral traditions, it resonates with aboriginal chants and exposes under the open sky the art of its native peoples, an extremely rich heritage which you must absolutely discover. Between bushwalking and deep-sea diving, it is a very sporty country, but it also loves to relax in the sun. Finally, and above all, it is a welcoming country, always ready to reach out its arms and its sunny smiles to its distant "neighbours" who have come to visit it...

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