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Course Plus Sport

Combine your language course abroad with your favorite sports activity

Course Plus sport: Language courses abroad

Sport is the perfect complement to language learning. After the morning language classes, there's nothing more stimulating or relaxing (this is up to you!) than exercising in the great outdoors. Moving, running, swimming, riding, gliding… sport is the best way to refresh body and mind!

A great thing about sport is the integration factor: physical activity helps you enjoy the natural landscapes, become one with nature, experience each moment of your trip more intensely and see things from a different angle. Even better, sport allows you to meet other likeminded locals and other students as well. This is the perfect opportunity for speaking the language you're studying in a natural setting.

With ESL, there are countless possibilities to combine sport with language classes abroad. Here are a few options among our range of Course Plus Sport courses:  

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Course Plus Surfing

Learn to surf the waves in a selection of exceptional locations. From Australia to the United States, via South Africa and the Caribbean, ESL offers language courses in world-class surfing spots. Check out our blog post and get surfing!

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Course Plus Diving

Discover the aquatic treasures of Bocas del Toro (Panama), Nerja (Spain) or the Gold Coast (Australia): simply dazzling! After your English classes, enjoy the world of underwater silence…

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Course Plus Tennis

Whether you're a fierce player or passionate spectator, tennis can be as thrilling on the courts as from the bleachers. Play tennis in combination with English classes on the Gold Coast (Australia) or in Nerja (Spain), attend world-class competitions in New York, Melbourne or Paris. There are many other destinations where you can practise tennis alongside your studies: pick one and keep a balance between intellectual and physical activity.

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Course Plus Ski/Snowboard

More than a sport, skiing and snowboarding is a lifestyle. For many amateurs, a holiday in the mountains is the peak of pleasure. With ESL and its choice of destinations all over the world, you can practise winter sports throughout the year. From Canada to New Zealand, discover our selection of traditional or lesser known destinations around the world to learn a language while skiing or snowboarding. And don't forget to check out our blog: 10 things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand for under NZ$20.

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Course Plus Golf

Our Language Plus golf programs are mostly offered in English-speaking countries. In England, English PLUS Golf courses are designed for students enrolled in a Business English course (Devon, Portsmouth). In Australia, the golf option is available in the Gold Coast. English in the morning, fairways in the afternoon... what more could you wish for?

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Course Plus for juniors

Horse riding, watersports, football, tennis, golf and many others – check out our sports packages designed for young children and teenagers.

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